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We consider this a total community effort. We have received positive feedback from many local philanthropic groups and individuals. We welcome all who are willing to donate their time and expertise in reaching our goals. We've developed a three-phase approach to achieving our village build. You can volunteer your time and talent to assist us with any of the three phases:

Pre-Construction Phase - includes loading, transporting on hand materials, unloading on site.

Construction Phase - includes assembly of prefab houses. Interior finish work such as plumbing fixtures, carpentry, flooring work and appliances. Exterior work includes ADA access ramps, decks, roofs, painting and landscape plantings and general yard installation.

Transition To Resident Intake Phase - Provide information to services, access to job boards, set up of essentials in each house such as dishes and cooking and eating materials.

Your volunteerism and expertise are essential to achieving our goals to transition each resident into the local job market. One example of the broad nature of the services includes a local certified adult learning educator who plans to provide leadership and resiliency training and certification to any resident who completes the training.

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